How SR22s Can Get You Back on the Road Fast

You may have been asked for an SR22 form in the past, and not been exactly sure what it is, why you need one, or how to obtain this certificate. Fortunately, we are going to answer all of those questions for you and more! An SR22 is a form of certification that is often required by the state to declare financial responsibility; specifically when an individual without liability coverage was involved in an accident or is otherwise found to be without legal levels of required insurance coverage. As long as you do not let your state minimum required coverage lapse, you are unlikely to ever need an SR22 in Idaho.

Before cancelling your insurance coverage, your carrier will provide the state with a notification. If your coverage is allowed to lapse, your insurance carrier files an SR26 with the state to indicate that your policy is not in effect any longer.

El Centro can help ensure that you have the correct documentation and affordable car insurance so you are legally able to drive again!

What is SR22 Insurance?

Technically, an SR22 is not a type of insurance at all, but rather a statement of financial responsibility called a CFR, or Certificate of Financial Responsibility. The SR22 form is filed by your insurance company and mandated by the Department of Motor Vehicles for your state, essentially stating that you are maintaining car insurance liability coverage.

Who Needs an SR22 in Idaho?

If you were caught speeding or pulled over for any reason and were not able to show proof of current insurance, then you will need an SR22. There are also a few other scenarios where the state requires this important document:

• Anytime you are involved in an accident without insurance that was determined to be your fault
• When you receive too many traffic offenses in a short period of time
• You are caught driving on a suspended or revoked license
• You are involved in any type of serious moving violation, such as DWI or DUI

What Is the Cost of Obtaining an SR22?

While different states have different cost requirements, in general, most agencies charge extra fees for SR22s. El Centro does not charge extra fees for an SR22. First, you will need a car insurance policy, and this is where El Centro can help you! There are many different factors that go into setting your car insurance premium on a monthly or quarterly basis, and the fact that you are required to provide an SR22 may mean that your rates are slightly higher due to increased risk.