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Protection Starts at Home

Finding just the right level of homeowners insurance can be tough. You know that you need to cover your home by insurance only in case of fire or other damage, but what do you need specifically to acquire home insurance? The friendly and courteous team at El Centro is here to help answer those questions and find the right coverage for your needs.

Your custom plan could include protection for:

• Personal property, which includes coverage of household items after a fire or flood
• Your dwelling, for damage to the physical structure of your home after smoke, fire, storms, or other perils
• Additional living expenses, in case you are unable to live in your home during repairs
• Extended replacement cost, coverage for more than the current cost of your home, which can be useful when rebuilding
• Personal liability, when guests who are injured accidentally while on your property
• Identity theft, to cover any expenses that you might incur as a result of criminal theft of your identity

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